What is Placement?

To bridge the gap between the candidate and the employers and to achieve their goals to bring the maximum positive ROI (Returns on Investment) within the shortest period.

In this competitive world, we are facing lot of unemployment problems. Why do we face such unemployment problems in Tamil Nadu or PAN India? When we research into this particular topic, we can come to the conclusion in both the ends of Candidates and Employers. We can see the Employers posting a lot of jobs in their company website, other social networks, job portals for various levels. So we can say there are jobs available from the Employer side. Then why we face such problems and why unemployment exists everywhere? When we get deeper into this problem, we can identify that Candidates who are looking for job, majority of the candidates does not prepare for the interview. They just attend the interview and the come home. Only 15% of the candidates are preparing for the interview and the rest 85% candidates???

So can we conclude that mostly 85% of candidates does not have skills to get an employment? The Answer is NO! All the candidates who are looking for a job are skilled enough to get the job. But the necessary skills what the Employer is looking from a candidate is what lagging from the candidate side. When we see this problem, I remember our Former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir words, He quoted once, India's problem is not Unemployment; it is unemployability skills. When a candidate is mentored properly by their teachers, they become strong in all the skills they need for employment. 


What are the skills which a candidate needed to get an employment here in India? The candidate lags in the following skill such as:

1. Analytical, Logical and Verbal Reasoning

2. Communication Skills

3. Basic Technology

4. Attitude

5. Lack of knowledge about the industry

6. Improper guidance and commitments from Relatives or Neighbours about the career.


By getting an answer on all these unemployability skills, we make sure the candidates who comes to Shibsi Technologies is getting placed in various companies in Chennai, Bangalore and they get an opportunity to set their entry level career safe and secure.

It is not only placing a candidate in a job, we mentor them about their career growth. We give them information about the industry practices, how to behave with the Seniors, HRs, Managers and to everyone. We guide them about their parents suffering on how they make them study by getting educational loans, debts from neighbours, relatives, etc and all the hardships they faced. 

Here at Shibsi Technologies, we give them the necessary training on attitude, communication, basic technology, knowledge about the industry, salary growth, career growth steps, interview preparation steps, necessary mock interviews and we make them face the interviews with our clients and we place them in the right job. 


Shibsi Technologies has an excellent placement record in placing Fresh graduates and experienced candidates in the field of IT - Software and IT - Hardware & Networking. We have supported many clients by placing the right candidate with good attitude, communication and technical skills. We have a placement record of 2414 candidates till date from 2015 August to till Date. We are focusing to do more placements so that many young and talented graduates will get an entry level career in the field of IT - Hardware & Networking.

Shibsi Technologies has done more than 1800+ placements in the field of Infrastructure Management Services for the following designations such as Desktop Engineer, System Engineer, Field Engineer, System Administrator, Network Engineer, IT Help Desk Engineer, IT Service Desk Engineer, Help Desk Coordinator, Asset Coordinator, IT Asset Engineer for the Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. Candidates who got placed are very much satisfied and they are in the higher level. 

With reference to IT - Software placements, we are focusing on PHP and MySQL. This software placements we have started few months back and successfully placed candidates in the IT - Software domain as well.